Why Choose Our Products

A Clearer View

PERFECTIONS® window film lets the maximum amount of light you want coming through and keeps out the maximum amount of invisible solar heat and harmful UV rays.

Cozy Driving

Powered by remarkable heat rejection, anti-glare, and anti-corrosion, PERFECTIONS® window film provides you a comfort and cozy driving through day and night.

UV Stabilized

Rejects 99% UV Ray's Radiation: Preventing suntan and fading by shielding from harmful UV rays that may cause skin cancers, reducing exposure, and slowing down vehicle interior decorations aging process.

Improve the Look of Your Vehicle

PERFECTIONS® window film makes your vehicle look sharper. More than 30% of your vehicle is made of glass. PERFECTIONS® can give you a darker tint, boosting your vehicle's look to be more aesthetically appealing.

Increase Safety to the Vehicle

Since automotive glass is normal tempered, the glass will break into hundreds of little pieces when it's broken. PERFECTIONS® window film holds these little pieces of glass together and lessens the possibility of human injury and interior damage in a car accident.

High Heat Rejection and Save Energy

PERFECTIONS® window tints may reduce eye strain and make your vehicle more comfortable by reducing up to 99% of unwanted glare and 99% of unwanted solar heat. It also reduces vehicle's air conditioning load and improves fuel efficiency.

Anti Scratch

PERFECTIONS® window film has scratch resistance coating to avoid the appearance of scratches during normal handling and cleaning of glasses.

Advanced Technology

Anti-corrosion nano-metal oxide formula: does not interfere with radio reception, radar detector, cell phone, global positioning system, and does not block electromagnetic frequencies system.

Warranty Coverage

PERFECTIONS® window film gives 7-years warranty against:

  • Fading change of color
  • Declamination and peeling
  • Adhesive failure and cracking
NOTE: Warranty does not cover damages caused by natural disaster, mishandling, and vandalism.

Thank You!

In order to get the best of our products, please do the following steps before buying any of our products:

Always buy Perfections® products at authorized Perfections® dealers.

Make sure there is a Perfections® logo printed on the film at installation.

Ask a sticker and warranty card from our authorized dealers.

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