PERFECTIONS® is a premium automotive window film, trusted and proven since 2003. Empowered by high technology from USA: Nano Metal Oxide Material, Multilayers, Sputtered Technology, and Ceramic Material usage, PERFECTIONS® offers you comfort, safety, and the ultimate protection against IR-rays and UV-rays.

Our Technology

The solar energy is built upon three distinct parts: Ultra Violet Radiation, Visible Radiation and Near-Infrared. Spectrum wavelengths characterize these 3 types of radiation (energy) different from each other.
Solar Radiation

Ultra Violet Radiation has the shortest wavelengths, ranged from 280 nm to about 380 nm, which is invisible to the human's eye. The next one is Visible Light Radiations, that wavelengths are ranged from 380 nm to 780 nm. Infra Red Radiation (also known as invisible solar heat) has the longest wavelengths, ranged from 780 nm to 4.045 nm.

With Multi-Layer and Sputter Metallizing Technology

To achieve these superb-efficient properties, PERFECTIONS® utilize Advanced Inovative technology to disperse heat.

Multi-Layers Process construction

  • Using only the finest raw materials and Advanced Technology.
  • Consist of Super High Heat Rejection Alloy Heavy Metals.
  • Varying degrees of solar energy rejection performance.

Multi Layers Construction

Safety Plus Value - Added to the Vehicles Commercial and Residental Flat Glass: An increased measure of safety by Double Ply Polyster Film with multilayers process construction.

Protection: Helps hold glass together. It will reduce your exposure to flying kernels of tempered glass, in event of an accident or when the glass is hit by flying rock or object.
Sputter metallizing has brought space age technology to the solar control market. This advanced method of coating uses exotic metals which cannot be evaporative coated. In the sputtering process, an electrically transformed gas (usually Argon) bombards the metal and knocks molecules loose. These molecules are deposited into the film and layered side by side providing extremely thin, tight, and optically precise coatings.

Sputtering Metallization Process
Sputtering Metallization Process

The coating is so tight that the water used during installation of the window films cannot evaporate and this giving the "hazy" look during the curing period. This "hazy" look will gradually dissipate and give way to a beautiful film. High light transmission, very low visible reflectivity, and impressive solar heat control are the trademarks of sputter films.
More than half of the sun's heat is generating invisible radiation known as Infra Red. PERFECTIONS® window film uses sputtered technology with multi-layers so that it is able to reject Infra Red heat until 99%.
Infra Red Heat Rejection
Infra Red Heat Rejection
The shorter the wavelenght of solar radiation, the greater the fading damage potential. Therefore, Ultra Violet Radiation is the most damaging, followed by the shorter wavelengh Visible Light Radiation.

Harmful UV Rays

Visible Light at wavelengths above 600 nm as well as near-Infra Red Radiation seems to cause very little fading. Although Ultra-Violet Radiation makes up only 5% of the sun's rays, it is the major cause of fading and deterioration of valuable and expensive interior furnishing.
PERFECTIONS® window film is able to reject 99% of UV Rays radiation, offer maximum protection from fading.
Fading Contributors

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